Taking great care of special and artistic printing jobs, Promat made investments in digital printing services to widen its range of services.

As printing technologies are advanced, people’s needs change to lead to advancement of optional printing technologies. Digital printing meets such needs in a faster and more economical way. As in other printing fields, Promat has also become the leading printing house for digital printing services for individual and corporate customers.

7renk is established in 1997 as a professional digital printing center which provides services in digital sheetfed area called “digital offset” and indoor – outdoor advertising area.

Digital Offset (Digital sheetfed) printing:

Speed, quality, wastage and stock costs have gained more importance in order to minimize the costs in printing stage, creating “demand oriented printing” or “printing for need” concepts. By its fast and quality printing techniques, digital offset makes it possible to produce as needed or produce by request. In addition to being fast and economic, it also guarantees the quality. It offers personalized, special printing features such as name, picture, barcode and numbering machine personalization. It offers budget based or request based printing. By this way, it can make colored and personalized printing up to 8000 copies an hour, with a wide range of paper options between 80gr-350 gr.

Indoor – Outdoor printing:

7renk is able to offer considerably reasonable costs because of its quality and fast machine track, especially in indoor and outdoor printing. It saves considerable time with its 200 square meters per hour printing capacity. In door poster and foil print, outdoor poster and foil print, on forex and photo block pasting, vinyl and mesh printing, one-way vision printing, on vehicle and on-wall advertising and cut out are the areas that 7renk provides products with its organizational structure.

Digital Printing
  • Indoor and Outdoor Printing
    • HP Scitex LX850 Outdoor Printing Machine (320 cm)
    • HP Lateks 360 Printer (160 cm)
    • Summa 1.27 Cutter Plotter
    • Best Lam 1600 Cold Lamination
  • Digital Offset Printing
    • HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press (31,7x45,7)