Welcome to the Promat A.Ş. Ethics Line

The purpose of this application is to report all unethical or illegal activity concerning to Promat A.Ş. (debit, corruption, fraud, abuse and other acts, corporate business principles, codes of conduct, discrimination, mobbing, confict of interests, ect) and to Promat A.Ş. Ethics Committee is intended to be transmitted to the implementaton of the relevant examination procedures.

Anything reported to these channels have to be clear and elaborate. Place, time and the person(s) involved in the report issue should be embodied. Your personal information is not required and they will be kept strictly confidential.

Except for intentionally-made mispresentations, Promat A.Ş. ensures that there will be no sanctions imposed on the people who report the misconduct unsubtly and in a good faith, or who take part in the investigations.

All violation reports will be reviewed by Promat A.Ş.

Promat A.Ş. Ethical Committee in a short notice necessary actions/precautions will be taken according.

Ethics Line