You must have thought how these works are carried out, after which phases they are brought out in front of our eyes, when you are reading a newspaper, leafing through a magazine, and when you look at the pictorial and written advertising displays on the buses. If you like, let’s inform you about the printing process that interests us.

Printed promotion and advertising works are examined by the printing house. The work flow in the printing house consists of: Pre-printing, Printing, Post-printing phases.


Preparation phase, Making film / Molding, Montage phase, Molding phase.


The blocks obtained as a result of the pre-printing processes are linked to the printing machine and the printing phase is passed. The printing blocks are installed to the machine, the ink settings are made and the printing is passed.


The post-printing processes begin when the printing of the work is done. Finalizing the product in a way to reach the end user happens during this phase. The processes in this phase are binding, breaking a signature, blending, placing a cover, wire sewing, etc.

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