A success story of
30 years...

Having stepped into the communication applications sector with printing 30 years ago, Promat is improving and renewing itself in order to meet the companies’ changing needs in today’s technologically developed world. In this renewal process, Promat, which added services such as cardboard packaging manufacturing, 7 Renk digital printing, notebook manufacturing with Erato and Promat Printing Museum, which offers an insight into history, to its existing printing services, creates a broad operating field for itself. Promat is experiencing the pride of offering the most extensive and creative services while realizing the desired designs in communication platforms that suitable for the client’s needs.

Promat reached the point where it is today, from its earlier days in which the company started to operate with a two color used printing machine, in the light of some treasured values. These values that dictate considering the human factor first in every step, aims to develop and provide the information and technology for the use of humankind. The publications that will reach thousands of people with a single business card are made by Promat’s professional employees with the same diligence and with regarding these values.



Promat’s job description is, shortly, to make communication applications suitable for your brand’s purposes in printed and interactive platforms, to activate the communication technologies that are right for your company in a fast, economic and reliable manner, to be a solution partner and a companion in your brand’s development.

Promat is the most advantageous place to be active at the peak of the communication technologies such as sheetfed offset and web offset printing, cardboard packaging manufacturing, printing, digital printing and outdoor printing, and experience design.

Promat is a bridge built between the past and the future of printing and the planning of new media tools.

Come and enjoy the privilege of Promat’s integrated power, its specialty to work for your benefit, its quality and other qualifications in your brand’s communication.