Monitoring advancements in the printing technology, Promat is aware of the cat that technology can only be productive to the extent it serves creativity.

Promat has made this principle its corporate culture, so that it respects creative ideas, provides a platform for original applications, and works hand in hand with artists.

In accordance with said principle, Promat provides all kinds of boutique applications through its advanced sheet offset printing substructure. It also continues to raise the level of its success on special projects thanks to its well-trained and skillful and staff.

These activities are performed using a color sheet offset printing capacity of 55,000 copies per hour and 1,320,000 copies per day in a facility covering an indoor area of approximately 8,000 square meters.

Brand Unit Dimension
Komori GL-740+C+C UV-IR/HA Otomatik Renk Kontrol Kamerası 7+2 Lak 720 x 1030 mm
Komori Lithrone - S 840-P 4+4/8+0 720 x 1030 mm
Komori Lithrone - S 540+L 5+Lak 720 x 1030 mm
Komori Lithrone - S 540+L 5+Lak 720 x 1030 mm
Roland 702 P 1+1 720 x 1030 mm
BOBST Visionfoil 104 Sıcak Yaldız Baskı ve Kesim 1 Adet 740 x 1040 mm
BOBST Novacut 106E Ayıklamalı Otomatik Kesim 1 Adet 760 x 1060 mm
Sheet Offset